iPad POS: Converting Your iPad into a POS System

iPad POS System

You can quickly turn your everyday iPad into a point of sale system. If you want to use the iPad POS in your salon, restaurant, or store, you will find that there is an easy way to go about it. But you have to ensure that you choose the right vendor and the right components.

What Do You Need to Turn your iPad into an iPad POS?

Credit card readers

Many POS running on this platform require the use of a dongle, which is then attached to your iPad headphone jack. The readers are normally provided free of charge. You may, however, have to part with a small fee if you need to acquire a number of readers.

Alternatively, consider using a credit card machine that is equipped with EMV capabilities. Such a machine ensures that you accept mobile payments while remaining compliant with chip regulations.

The POS Mobile Application

Most vendors providing POS systems equip retailers with POS apps. The apps contain everything that is needed to manage and operate the system. The app can also be downloaded from the Apple App Store.

Some vendors will offer to set up the system on your behalf. The setup process is not complicated. All a retailer has to do is open the app, and then proceed to follow the prompts.


Apart from the application and the card reader, you will also need to have certain peripherals. It is possible to implement a fully operational POS system with the iPad alone, but some businesses will require the use of certain peripherals. They include:

  • iPad Stand: you need a stand if you wish to have a POS system that remains stationary on the isles. Good stands should swivel three hundred and sixty degrees making it easy to face clients. The clients will need to input their PINs on your iPad when checking out goods.
  • Printers: one perk of using this system is that you can easily send receipts using email. For those that would like to print traditional receipts, a printer will be required.
  • Cash Register: businesses that will also be accepting cash transactions should ensure that they have a cash register as well. Many vendors provide a POS system bundle that also includes a cash register.

Keep in mind that not all points of sales systems are the same. Therefore, ensuring that you have chosen the right system will determine the success of your business venture.