iPad POS: What Kind of Hardware Is Needed?

iPad POS Hardware

POS hardware setups often vary from one business to the next. Big businesses tend to have self-service iPad POS kiosks, while small businesses may opt for a smaller POS setup. But there are those that will find a suitable medium between the two approaches and proceed to incorporate various POS equipment into the setup.

iPad Cloud POS Hardware—A Basic Setup

The following are what you will need when you are starting out. In some point of sale systems, all the components are bundled together.

Register for Your Daily Transactions

Registers have traditionally been associated with cash transactions. But the register has a different meaning in recent times. The cash part of the term is dropped off in the cloud-based setup. This is because the register will be made up of an iPad that has an enclosure.

The register will only require the operating system. The system runs the POS software in it. Each register will need to have its tablet.

A Terminal for Processing Credit Card Transactions

The credit card reader or terminal is another essential component. The component comes typically in many varying forms and varieties.

It could comprise of a basic setup that is the magnetic stripe card reader, or it could be that can accept bot chip-card and swiped card transactions.

iPad POS Receipt Printer & Paper

Most modern customers prefer to have their receipts emailed to them. But if the POS in use supports this functionality, why not provide a paper receipt as well.

Certain credit card readers can print receipts, while others require the use of a separate printer to assist in printing these receipts. Thermal receipt printers are an ideal choice when high-volume printing is expected in business.

You can choose to have wireless or wired printers. Regardless of whichever is selected, you will need to have a single printer for each register.

Networking Components for the POS

A majority of the point of sales system in use today require the use of an internet connection most of the time. Therefore, you may be required to have a router, modem, and associated cables. After configuration, this will enable you to get on the web with ease.

Cloud-based point of sales systems often run on wireless connections. But there are some that require data connections.

You may need to have wireless access points depending on the size of your store, as well as the number of registers that are available.